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Certification requirements and legal remedies : Sachsen

Landeswappen von Sachsen

Requirements related to general appointment of public services interpreters, translators and sign language interpreters

  1. General information

    Under the provisions of the Saxon Interpreters Act, public services interpreters, translators and sign language interpreters can be publicly appointed in the federal state of Saxony.

    If you wish to provide such professional services, you can apply for general public appointment.

    NOTE: Even if you have already been appointed in any other federal state or any country outside Germany you may be appointed in Saxony as well.

  2. Requirements
    • You have a nationality of a Member State of the European Community or of a state party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or Switzerland or you are professionally established or have your professional residence in one of these states,
    • You are full of legal age,
    • You are personally suitable,
    • You live in orderly financial conditions,
    • You have proved to have required expert knowledge.

    To prove the required expert knowledge you must submit:

    • a confirmation by the state examination body that basic knowledge of legal German had been part of the examination you have taken,

    and either

    • an examination certificate for proficiency in interpreting, translating or sign language interpreting issued in this country by a state or state-approved examination body or for any other state or state-approved examination for interpreters, translators or sign language interpreters


    • an examination certificate issued abroad confirming your proficiency in interpreting, translating or sign language interpreting that has been approved by the competent German authority as being equivalent to an examination in Germany.

    NOTE: In case you have obtained your university degree abroad you have to apply for the recognition of equivalence of your language-related university degree at the Saxon State Ministry for Science, Culture and Tourism. You will get the relevant application documents through the Higher Regional Court of Dresden (Oberlandesgericht) after the court has approved your basic knowledge of legal German. The application including all required documents (listed in the application form) must be filed with the Higher Regional Court of Dresden and is then submitted to the Saxon Ministry for Science, Culture and Tourism for further examination and decision.

  3. Required documents
    • curriculum vitae with passport photo
    • certified proofs of basic knowledge of legal German,
    • certified proofs of professional qualification as interpreter, translator or sign language interpreter (e.g. any official documents, university diplomas, certificate confirming that you have passed state examination for interpreters or translators),
    • as proof of your personal suitability: certificate issued by the police, document category 0 to be submitted to the President of the Higher Regional Court of Dresden; purpose: the related reference number and “Public appointment as interpreter/translator/sign language interpreter”. The related costs will not be reimbursed.
    • Truly and accurately completed application form.

  4. Legal remedy

    Within a month of notification of any negative decision you can raise your objection against any such decision. Your objection must be filed in writing or in electronic form under Section 3a subsection 2 of the Administrative Procedure Law or declared for recording at the Higher Regional Court of Dresden, Schlossplatz 1, 01067 Dresden.
    If the objection is filed in electronic form, then the electronic document must be sent either with a qualified electronic signature attached using the electronic court and administrative mail box according to the communication procedure described on the internet site www.egvp.de or using the mailing methods under Section 5 subsection 5 of the German De-Mail Act to the address olg-dresden@egvp.de-mail.de.

  5. Costs

    EUR 80

  6. Legal basis

    Sächsisches Dolmetschergesetz Externer Link (SächsDolmG) of 15th March 2023

    Sächsische Dolmetscherverordnung Externer Link (SächsDolmVO) of 3rd April 2023

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