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Herr Edward Viesel

State:  Berlin  Court / Government agency:  Landgericht Berlin  File number:  D VI 33/15 

Personal data
Name: Herr Edward Viesel
Adress: Mobile phone: 0179 7602860
Email address: Fax:
Internet address: Home country:: Deutschland

Business information
Company: Edward Viesel
Business address: Danziger Straße 31, 10435 Berlin Mobile phone: 01797602860
Phone: 030/21950608
Email address: Fax: 030/21950609

Additional information
Job description: Übersetzer Service hours:
Industry / Profession / Additional qualification

Language Interpreter Date from Until Appl. for renewal Translator Date from Until Appl. for renewal
Englisch Generally sworn-in
Legal basis for the general oath/Registration
Publicly appointed
Legal basis for the official appointment
Authorized ja
Legal basis for the autorisation
Temporarily working
Government agency of domicile state
Profession not regulated in domicile state
Official authorization, appointment and administration of oath not completed